Today, I am 2 months sober, you guys. Something I never thought would be possible, especially on purpose. I haven’t felt this good since well, I’m not exactly sure. It wouldn’t be possible without support.

I didn’t do this alone. From the moment I made the conscious decision to quit, I made it public. With the exception of my husband, I discussed my plans with no one and made the bold move to post it on my Facebook. Since then, I’ve received nothing but love and encouragement. I’ve reconnected with some people I haven’t see in years and even started attending AA meetings again.

Hope. I have hope today, for the brightest future filled with amazing, sober memories with my family. I don’t worry about what my daughter’s image of me is anymore. She will never know her mom as a drunk. I am so fortunate that she isn’t old enough to understand or will ever remember who her mom was 2 months ago. But, it wouldn’t be possible without my friends, family, fellowship, and the courage to be someone better.

I celebrated today’s success by playing with my beautiful daughter and plan to enjoy the evening with my #1 cheerleader- my husband- watching a movie. This may be a little step in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a HUGE step in my recovery journey, really, in anyone’s journey. Always celebrate the small victories, for they are what bring you to the big ones.

I finally look forward to what’s to come, and I can’t fricken wait. Here’s to the next 2 months plus! ❤️

Thanks for reading.

-Carrie Harmon

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