June 5th, a date that will always bring tears. It’s the day we lost our sweet pit, the best damn dog there ever was. Just shy of her 10th birthday this year, she passed away from what we later learned was complications of Cushings Disease and pancreatitis.

Luna was my husbands dog first, but I fell in love with her 6 years ago, the first time I met her. She was the most kind, gentle, and loving baby girl. She could always sense when you were feeling down and would always make sure to cuddle. She protected her sissy, our beagle Riley. They were inseparable until the day Luna died.

Not a day goes by that my husband, Riley, and I don’t think of her and miss her like crazy. Riley is lost without her, but slowly coming around to learning things on her own. She’s super attached to me and my daughter. I wish Luna and my daughter had more time together. Nova will never know her and love her like we did.

All we can do now is hold her memories close to our hearts and always talk about her with Nova. It fucking breaks my heart thinking about the future conversations, but what else can I do?

She was my fur baby, my #1 girl until we got Riley and Nova was born. Cherish your pets, you never know when their time will run out. We certainly didn’t. And it doesn’t get easier, you just learn how to deal with a huge fucking hole in your heart.

Pain is a trigger for my drinking, but I WILL NOT let this overcome me. I am stronger and better for having her in my life and I refuse to let her death be washed down the drain. My love for her is more intense than any drink.

Until next time, baby girl. Your family will always love you.

Thanks for reading.

– Carrie Harmon

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