I’m someone who needs routine; I thrive from it. I feel lost or purposeless without some sort of consistency. I can blame that mostly on my veteran status and partly on becoming a mom.

Ever since becoming sober, I’ve tried to keep myself busier. I often find myself bored though. Sometimes, nothing seems entertaining enough for me. That’s when times get hard and frustrating. The monotony of every day life can be too much for anyone.

Sometimes, I just seem to exist, going through the emotions of every day life because I have to. My daughter needs consistency. It’s important that she eats, sleeps, and plays around the same time every day. It’s important for her and it’s important for me.

But, that doesn’t make it always easy and exciting. I have to force myself out of bed, a lot. I have to fake it until I make it, a lot. I just keep telling myself, it will be okay, things will be fine, for this is the life of a stay at home mom.

I do miss certain things about my life before, but I will always have the memories. I am where I want to be, for now. I couldn’t picture myself without my husband, daughter, or crazy life we live. Routine is key for us as a family, I have to remember that when times get tough.

I have purpose as a wife.

I have purpose as a mother.

I have purpose as a homemaker.

It’s okay to be bored, it’s how you deal with it that matters. Find the positives in your down times. Do something different. Make monotony manageable.

Everything is going to be alright, if we allow it. Stay strong. Stay true. Stay real. We will get through it, eventually ❤️

Thanks for reading.

– Carrie Harmon

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