Sober concert thoughts

My husband and I went and saw Heart and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in concert Monday evening. Baby free and alcohol free. It was my first time ever going to something like this with no alcohol.

In fact, I bought the tickets months ago, excited at the fact that Brian and I got to go out and I could drink freely. I always looked forward to drinking.

The concert started at 7, we got there just after because we went to dinner beforehand, right down the road. Oh how I missed Sushi!

This was an outside concert, and we had lawn seats. Trying to figure out where to go and dodge people was terrifying. We both suffer from anxiety and the overwhelming amount of people was not helping. I almost lost Brian in the crowd a few times, but we made it up the hill to find space to stand alone.

Heart wasn’t going to play until 9:25, so we talked, checked in on our baby girl, and took silly photos together while listening to Joan Jett rocking it on stage. We totally did tons of people watching, too. That was almost the most entertaining thing about our night out- all the interesting people around us.

Drunks, middle aged moms reliving their younger years, old couples dancing, pot and cigarette smokers, etc. I was quite annoyed with the drunk people. For one, I was a little jealous. For two, they were obnoxious and smelled bad. I swear, it’s like we had a sign on our forehead that read “We are sober, if drunk please come talk to me in my face”.

9:25 rolls around and Heart starts to play. By this time, we are tired and ready to go. But damnit, we have got to stay until 10. I mean, we came for Heart! We forced ourselves to stay and we did, until 9:58 and we start walking to our car. I got to hear one of my favorites, These Dreams, on our trek. Brian and I were yell singing it and proud of it!

I’m glad we went out and experienced it. We realized that we are old farts and don’t really desire to go to a concert again for a long time. Here is our reasons:

1. I don’t like being out at night, especially on a week night.

2. We didn’t get to put our daughter to bed.

3. WAY too many people. Our anxiety struggled BAD.

4. Drunk people are annoying.

5. Everything is expensive.

The highlight of our evening was definitely the sushi dinner and conversations with Brian. We had fun but probably won’t be going out for quite some time.

Thanks for reading.

-Carrie Harmon

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