Better Days

Since I quit drinking 4 months ago (yes, 4 months ago TODAY), life has become better. Less drama, guilt, and pain. More memories, focus on my family, and most importantly finding myself.

My eyes have opened to a world I hadn’t seen in many years. I have a freedom I’ve never had before. No more anchor pulling me down. I am in charge of my own destiny.

I have a better relationship with my husband. Honesty and communication truly are wonderful necessities. I’m not afraid to tell my husband, family, and friends how bad things were (husband knew/saw most of the bad) and how much things have changed. Everyone notices before you do.

It has been, hands down, the best decision I’ve made to date. It was the ultimate game changer for me and my family’s lives. I’m present, involved, and reliable. I’m a good mom, scratch that, GREAT mom. I’m working on being a better wife, and I’m getting there. This wouldn’t be possible without all those bad days.

Bad days don’t mean a bad life. The Struggle is necessary. Better days are here because of my past, my unforgivable mistakes. What once was will never be again. I am happy going through the process and seeing what’s next.

If you are having a hard time- know that every day is a new day. Things will get better. Stay strong. Ask for help. Never give up fighting. You are enough. You are worth it.

Thanks for reading.

-Carrie Harmon

4 Replies to “Better Days”

  1. Congrats on 4 months! I have also found that I gave become more honest about my drinking, the longer I am sober. I used to swear up and down that I never had a problem, that I was just sober by choice. But recently, my husband said something, and I quipped, “I didn’t quit drinking because I didn’t like the taste!” We both thought that was funny in an honest sort of way.

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